7 Benefits of Massage in Winter


Short chilling days and long nights are the beauty of winters in which normally we eat more, exercise less. In this weather, our body experiences different physiological stress. Different bodies respond to these physiological stresses in different ways based on the health condition.

We have to suffer a lot of health-related issues like flu, cold, depression, hypothermia if our body is unable to respond well. Oh! that’s another problem in winters but the good news is that Massage therapy is one of the best treatments in winter to avoid these issues. But it does not mean that massage is only effective in the winter season. It’s more beneficial in the winter season as it helps us to avoid succumbing to the effects of winter.  Here we are listing 7 benefits of massage in winter.

Why Massage is more important during the winter season?

Here we are listing a few of the benefits of massage in the winter season.

1. Improves blood circulation

Circulation of blood is one of the important things in winter which keeps our body warm and avoids high blood pressure due to constrictions of blood vessels because of low temperature.

Due to abnormal blood circulation we may feel discomfort, experience aches, pain and even can cause a heart attack.

Massage therapy helps to improve circulation of fresh blood passing through congested areas. Thus, warming muscles and improving flow of fresh and oxygenated blood.

2. Cures sick feeling

Generally cold and flu are not the reason of winter but due to a seasonal virus. Therefore, in winters one can easily fall prey to sickness due to the lack of exercise. Cold weather furthers weakens the immune system to some degree thus an easy prey to catch a cold & flu.

Regular massage therapy in winter season can avoid sick feeling as it boosts immune system. Furthermore, massage therapy stimulates white blood cells to fight different infections during winter season.

3. Helps to maintain body fitness

It is difficult to continue our routine exercise plan in winters but it’s more important to still stay active during winters to maintain fitness. One can maintain fitness by doing light indoor workouts or by getting regular massage therapy in winters. It helps to stretch muscles and also keeps joints working properly.

4. Fighting weight gain

Most of the people gain weight in winter season because of change in eating habits, less body movement, and availability of different weight gaining foods in the winter.

One can fight the weight gain by getting regular massage therapy. It helps to improve body movement, muscles exercise and as well as it boosts metabolism. Massage is a best available alternative to workouts during winter season.

5. Improves Skin tone and enhances moisturization of skin

The Chilling, cold and dry air can damage the moisturization of your skin thus leading to a dry and flaky skin. Massage therapy can help to maintain the moisturization of your skin as generally massage involves rubbing of oils, creams and different lotions that helps to nourish, moisturize and hydrate your skin. Massage also improves the elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen production.

It also helps improve skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production which is the most important protein in the body system which holds the body together.

6. Massage helps to improve mental health

Feeling down, unmotivated and sadness is one of the reasons of winter effects on our body system. While many people may feel depression or even Seasonal Affective Disorder during winter season. It is because of the effects of weather on our immune system and lack of body movement or exercise. Research shows that light body movement, therapy or exercise may help to avoid these kinds of issues in winter. However, regular massage therapy at some good massage center may help to improve mental health.

Massage therapy can reduce stress and levels of anxiety or depression. Furthermore, massage helps body to increase levels of serotonin and endorphins which increases feeling of happiness and confidence.

7. Banishing winter blues

Massage therapy helps to create positive changes in the endocrine system which is a system where hormones are formed. These hormones are the cause of depression, sleep, alertness, sense, and desire.

Massage helps to decrease levels of cortisol which is hormone responsible for stress and increases level of oxytocin which is responsible for happiness.

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