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One of the specialties at Serenity Spa is the Panchakarma feet massage. As the name tells as well, the Panchakarma massage is performed on feet only rather the whole body. Feet are one fundamental part of the body that is responsible for balancing and structure of the whole human body. It basically acts as the foundation of the body, so if the foundation of a building is not working properly then how will the rest of the building operate.

Therefore like the rest of the body, feet also deserve proper care and attention to ensure the rest of the body is at peace as well. Our feet work in connection with other body parts, so if the feet are not relaxed or balanced right, it will effectively damage the other parts of the body as well.

panchakarma feet massage spa


Feet massage can be performed own self but it’s crucial to find the right stress points and apply right pressure. So if you are a beginner, do not try anything at home until you undergo a few sessions under professional and trained massage therapists.

Feet massage can be helpful for your health and body wellness in many aspects. Here are a few benefits that are associated with the feet massage:

  • Helps to release the stress out of body
  • Helps in maintaining the right balance of the body
  • Helps reducing swelling or pains from body
  • Helpful with increasing blood circulation
  • Helps improving mood and fighting with the depression
  • Helps by improving the sleep patterns
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By reading these benefits, you will feel the relevancy with the benefits of other massages as well. You might feel that all massages are giving similar benefits at the end. However, it is important to know that selection of right touch points, pressure points, and understanding of need of the individual body plays a critical role with body or feet massage.

The feet massage is generally meant for people who perform a lot of duties while working infield, standing most of the day, or having a very happening work routine. Feet massage is not just for working people; it is also needed for full-time mommies, idle sitting grandparents or even teenagers to improve their body health.

The selection of massage provider is very important; whether you are getting it first time or have got it done before as well, keep an eye on the improvements associated with the massage.The trained and certified massage therapists at Serenity Spa will help you in understanding the different massages and their benefits and will give you a detailed consultation before suggesting any massage plan.

Book your appointment today or visit our branch to treat yourself with one of the best massage services in the town.