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Massage therapies are the best way to relax your body through a variety of techniques and get rid of multiple issues at a time. Such as body aches, strained joints or muscles, tension,depression and much more. Massage therapies are not just for physical relaxation, the right combination of technique, with a good environment and additionally, a good company can turn those massage hours into few best hours of your life.

Couple massages have a long history; it isn’t something new or modern. You are always tending to enjoy more or feel at peace when you enter into any arrangement with someone you love. In the couple massage therapy, you can join any type of massage therapy session at Serenity Spa with your loved one.

Couple massage is helpful especially when you do not feel comfortable getting along with strangers in the first g. it might be difficult for someone to open up the first time or may not feel secure going alone. A couple massage is the best way around. You can have our sister, your fiance, your husband, your mother or literally anyone who is important to you

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At Serenity Spa, we would love to have you served with one of the fine quality massage arrangements, equipment, techniques, environment, ambiance, and staff. We would leave a pleasing and long-lasting impression on your mind and will ensure that you always feel like home when coming back for sessions.

Book your next appointment or read more about our services to get to know about the variety of massages available at Serenity Spa.


Couple massage can be availed under all techniques available at Serenity Spa. You can also plan your anniversary celebration by gifting your better half a good few hours spent together under a cozy environment and getting the best massage therapy available at Serenity Spa. It will indeed the best gift ever.

At Serenity Spa, our trained massage therapists will ensure a custom massage session depending upon the individual bodies and purpose of massage. All you need to do is to book your next reservation for any time of the week, yes we are operating seven days a week so you can come any day that suits well to your schedule.

We have different types as well as duration massage therapies available at our massage center.If you are not sure which one your partner will enjoy the most, do not worry. Our therapist will help you and the partner to know everything you should know about the massages available and then choose with your own will.

Yet if you are not sure even after knowing what will suit you,let the massage therapist serve you with a combination and you are always welcome back to get the nest one based on your combination massage experience.