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SERENITY Massage Centre Services

Serenity Spa's Thai Massage

Thai Massage includes compression, gentle pressure, different stretching techniques to provide relaxation to your whole body. It is originated from India and today have different forms and aims. Thai massage lowers stress, boosts energy, relieves stress, improves blood circulation. Serenity's Spa Thai Massage is one of the signature massage services.

Serenity Spa's Swedish Massage

Classic swedish massage includes long, kneading strokes. It gives complete relaxation, eases muscle stress. Cleans toxins from your body. Serenity's Spa Swedish Massage helps in reducing stress, tiredness and gives relaxation to your body and soul. Swedish Massage helps to balance the digestive system, removes stress, and decreases stress hormones.

Serenity Spa's Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is applied with gentle strokes and firm pressure with a finger or hand to reach the deeper layers of muscles. It helps to cure chronic aches and pain. It is also used to cure a stiff neck, lower back pain, and sore shoulders. This type of massage cures multiple issues.

Serenity Spa's Aroma Therapy Massage

An aromatherapy Massage is a technique in which any type of massage is combined with the usage of essential oils. While going through any other type of massage, the use of essential oil during the massage strokes. Expert in Aromatherapy massage in Islamabad.

Serenity Spa's Soft Tissue Massage

Tissue Massage focuses on gentle and soft techniques to help to enhance your body flexibility. The soft tissue massage is helpful regardless you are already going through a trained muscle issue or not. Serenity Spa offers the finest Soft Tissue massage in Islamabad

Serenity Spa's Full Body Massage

Full body Massage is not a technique, it is basically a setup where the massage is done on the entire body rather selecting stressed parts or pressure points. Your body may feel stress or pressure at particular parts that you can feel. We offer the best full body massage in Islamabad.

Serenity Spa's Couple Massage

A Couple Massage is when you and your partner (male or female) each enjoy a massage while lying on two separate tables next to each other. There are two massage therapists—one for each person. We are experts in couple massage.

Serenity Spa's Combination Massage

It's a unique combination of Swedish and sports massage in the head, neck, and shoulder area and how to sequence and integrate it into a full body massage. This type of massage will provide you a refreshing feeling.

About US

Serenity Spa is the best Massage Centre in Islamabad. Our skilled staff knows how to treat every client according to each individual’s unique needs. We ensure that your body is treated with care and love by the most capable and experienced massage therapists. At Serenity Spa massage centre Islamabad we have the best staff.


At Serenity Spa, we would love to have you served with one of the fine quality massage arrangements, equipment, techniques, environment, ambiance, and staff. We would leave a pleasing and long-lasting impression on your mind and will ensure that you always feel at home when coming back for sessions.


The vision behind Serenity Spa massage centre in Islamabad is to build lasting and rewarding relationships with our clients and society through understanding, wellness, and superior service. We strive to deliver an experience with each massage treatment in order to relieve stress and tension, improve the variety of movement and circulation, improve the state of well-being, and provide a balanced lifestyle through all the spa facilities in a professional way. Best Massage Centre in Islamabad. Book Now through our Online Appointments System.

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Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan
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Serenity is surely the best massage centre in Islamabad. I just searched best massage centre near me and found serenity spa. 10/10 for all services.
Saima Sultana
Saima Sultana
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Serenity is very good massage centre in Islamabad for males and females
Taimoor Adil
Taimoor Adil
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Best massage centre in Islamabad. Surely i will visit again. I enjoyed thai massage.
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My session was quite well and serene environment gave me relaxation with Swedish Massage. 10/10 from my side and thanks for coffee
Meena Babar
Meena Babar
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Wao, Serenity is the best massage centre. I had body pain from many days and Deep tissue massage helped me.