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Thai Massage is the type of massage therapy that is meant for relieving stress. It also protects against stress-related health issues. This massage therapy is also helpful against the stiffness of body parts and to relieve from arthritis issues. Where other massage therapies are provided on naked bodies, Thai Massage process is performed with full clothes on the body and without any massage oil.

Thai Massage requires gentle stretching of the body, pulling of muscles, and rocking technique to relieve stress out of the body. The motions used in this massage are more or less similar to Yoga. However, it is termed as a lazy person’s yoga because Thai massage is provided by specialists, and the person has to do nothing but lay down and relax.

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Thai Massage by Serenity Spa is targeted on muscle notes that are hurt. Our qualified therapists will be able to adjust the pressure on knots and save you from any discomfort.

There are known benefits of Thai Massage, such as:

  • It helps in reduction of headache
  • It is helpful with back pains
  • It helps in relieving the muscle pain
  • It tends to reduce joint pains
  • It is helpful in changing the range of motion
  • It is also known to increase body flexibility
  • It works as an energy booster
  • It also helps in calming the nervous system


The Thai Massage is equally helpful for men and women; it has been proven useful for athletes but is equally popular in common people. Qualified trainers for athletes combine more than one type of massage to make sure the muscles are at ease and finding a way to get relaxed in no time. The focus of Thai massage is not just for the relaxation of the body, but also for the regenerating the energy which boosts the mind in a natural way.

The qualified therapists at Serenity Spa are well trained to provide a variety of massages that include Thai Massage as well. What makes our spa center better than others is that our qualified trainers will design a massage plan for you depending upon the issue for which you are seeking a massage treatment.

So, do not hesitate; if you have any queries regarding Thai Massage in specific, and even in general about other massage types, please write to us or come visit us. We will try our best to entertain your concerns and to provide you with a memorable experience with our state-of-the-art Thai massage technique.

We look forward to serving you!

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