What are the distinctive features of the Panchkarma foot massage?

panchkarma foot massage

These days, Panchkarma is a popular therapy that is used to treat patients having different disorders with the Ayurvedas principle. It consists of five different karmas including Basti, Vamana, Raktamokshana, Virechana, and Nasya. The cure nowadays isn’t really drastic as it includes different cosmetic & oil treatments, massages, and herbal baths. Panchkarma is focused on the entire mind and body unlike conventional medications and doesn’t focus on the short-term relief for any disease.

panchkarma foot massage

The treatment is extremely individualistic as it is based upon the primary consultation with the massage specialist. The therapist diagnoses the Dosha- it is the constitution that is vulnerable to any specific health issue.

Panchkarma foot massage

The Panchkarma foot massages use some perfumed oils and fomentation to unclog the channels and reestablish the passage for the body fluids. Resultantly, the entire nervous system and body get affected. It is an alternative medicine with roots that trace back to India. This practice suggests there are three essential elements in the body doshas, Kapha and Pitta to be healthy if they are balanced and ill in case if they are imbalanced.

Further, conquering natural urges is unhealthy and is considered to be the cause of different health issues and diseases because it blocks the fluids in different channels called srotas.

Distinctive features of Panchkarma foot massage

The Panchkarma foot massage has different health benefits that include the ability for the following:

  • Stimulate better sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve foot pain
  • Ease the body’s functioning
  • Give refreshment
  • Nurture the foot skin
  • Preserve hearing and eyesight
  • Develop and tone the leg and foot muscles
  • Relax the mind to reduce stress
  • Improves immunity
  • Treatment for headaches
  • Stabilize emotions
  • Give strength to limbs
  • Releases the menstrual symptoms
  • Prevent backache
  • Maintain a balance of the body’s dosha
  • Improve digestion
  • Defend fungal and bacterial infections

Panchkarma foot massage is used to treat different ailments that include depression, anxiety, sprains, hypertension, cramps, diabetes, heel fissures, cracked skin, and insomnia. The foot massage also prevents numbness in the feet.

Classical Panchkarma massage practices

Different oils are used to give Panchkarma massage but the sesame oil is the most common. This oil is nourishing for the foot skin acting as an antioxidant. Some masseuses use a bronze bowl known as Kasa during massage where a bowl is warmed and oiled before it’s rubbed on the feet. It increases the flow of energy to the area and improves blood circulation in the whole body. Various massage techniques are used to give the flawless massage by soaking the feet in a warm bath filled with different herbs and salts with a duration of ten to fifteen minutes for each foot.

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