Benefits of having Swedish Classical Massage

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Swedish massage is considered one of the most preferred and relaxing massage therapy. Sometimes it is referred to as classic massage. It includes specific techniques aimed at relaxing the muscles by applying pressure on them, rubbing the muscles in such a direction so that blood circulation increases and return to the heart. Daily activities like sitting at the computer and exercise may cause the tightening of the muscles. Swedish classical massage helps in losing the tight muscles and provides relaxation and relief from tension. It is particularly beneficial for those having lots of stress in:

  • Lower Back
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Legs and arm muscles

Types of strokes used in Swedish massage:

There are a wide variety of massage therapies available. These therapies help by heating up the muscles and break the knots present in the muscles because of which our muscles becomes stiff and provide comfort and release all the tension from the body. The most commonly used strokes in classic Swedish massage are:

Effleurage: It is a form of massage which involves repeated circular stroking movement made with the palms of the hand. It results in increased blood circulation.

Petrissage: It includes deep massage movements by putting pressure and compressed the underlying muscles. Petrissage movements include kneading, pick up and squeeze, wringing, and skin rolling. These movements improve blood circulation and muscular movement and give relief from muscular spasms.

Tapotement: It is a specific technique in Swedish massage performed with the edge of hands and tips of fingers. Beating, slapping, tapping, and cupping are the types of Tapotement. It is mostly used at the end of the massage therapy.

Vibration and shaking: This technique is used to loosen the tighten muscle by actually moving the fingertips on the back and forth of the skin. It creates vibration and shaking onto the muscles because they are being pressed and released in an up and down movement.

Friction: When our body is heating up it results in the relaxation of the muscles and friction helps in producing heat in the body by rubbing the skin.

If you are facing discomfort in a specific area of the body you can be asked your therapist to pay specific attention to that area. You can also be asked your massage therapist to use mild, moderate and firm pressure. It all depends on your choice and preference in which area you want to have what type of pressure. In Swedish massage spa different types of oils are being used for smooth hand movement on the skin. Usually, the therapist starts doing massage from the back and then back of the legs and arms and then the neck and shoulders.


The goal of Swedish massage service:

The ultimate goal of this massage was to increase the oxygen and blood flow in the body and eradicate toxins from the body and muscles. It improves the recovery time of the muscles by removing the toxic deposits in the muscle such as uric acid, lactic acid, etc. This massage will help you to maintain the flexibility of tendons and ligaments. You will not only feel calm and relax but massage also promotes general health and well-being. It is also beneficial in reducing stress and promote both emotional and physical well-being. Explore our services or Book Now.