Swedish Massage
Classic full-body massages employing long, kneading strokes. Promotes total relaxation, eases muscle stress.
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Swedish Massage is one the most preferred type of massages that are frequently being requested at our massage center. If you are new to massage therapies and not sure what is going to suit your body well, it’s the safest choice. Swedish Massage is your call if your body is under a lot of stress but is touch-sensitive as well. The focus of Swedish Massage is on muscle relaxation using gentle touch.

The characteristic movement of Swedish Massage is soft yet long strokes that work like kneading a person’s body. The rhythmic movement is light and feels like a tapping stroke on tired muscles. Joints work wonders to bring relaxation in Swedish therapy. It totally rejuvenates the body.Whether you want to recover from an injury or are just tired from humdrum routine, this massage therapy will help you a lot.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

There are some well-known benefits of Swedish Massage therapy such as:

  • Release stress from the body
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Removal of joint pains and minor injuries
  • More flexible body movement
  • Better immune system
  • Ease muscles to improve body posture
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost body energy

These benefits combined together increase body wellness as well as mental health. If your body is relaxed and working well eventually it will ease your daily routine and will decrease the body stress. The key factor in Swedish Massage is gentle touch and low-key strokes to keep the touch soft on body. Though it’s the basic type of massage you need to be in very experienced hands to ensure it serves your body well.

Serenity Spa is one of the best Swedish massage service providers in Islamabad. Our therapists are well trained and qualified to treat your body with right technique and pressure points to boost your overall body wellness. We are providing services seven days a week to ensure we fit well with your busy work schedule.

Swedish massage is a top favorite of many of our customers because they come to us seeking relaxation for their fatigued bodies. Feel free to write to us if you have any questions in mind regarding Swedish Massage.

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